Specialized Technical Equipment (STE) is an ISO and HSE certified local company established in Oct. 2000 in Abu Dhabi Emirates with diversified activities serving the oil & gas industries, petrochemical; marine and power generation sectors in the UAE and other GCC countries.


We’re a small core team who believe strongly in the power of collaboration. We work with a number of strategic partners - other agencies and individuals, involving them flexibly when needed to provide expertise in areas such as sustainability, engineering, sociology and digital marketing.


To be a reknown turnkey solution providers to the oil and gas; petro-chemical ; renewable energy and power industries in the Middle East


-To become a reputed service provider and system integrator to the oil and gas; petrochemical &  power industry in the Middle East pursuing the following values:

-Provide high quality of Products & services to our customers at a very reasonable price.

-Engage with our principals through honesty and transparency in business relationships & superior revenues.

-Support, respect and reward our staff thru  providing pleasant and flexible working environment.


Empower our workers to reach  utmost performance and experience  thru providing new and advanced training.

Increase sales and profit.

Enhance our ICV ‘in-country value’ and stimulate local business contribution and productivity.

Support renewable Hydrogen new technologies and Environmentally friendly innovations and solutions.

Core Values

Towards our clients: through providing high quality services at competitive prices.

Towards our partners & principals: through honesty and transparency in business relationship & superior revenues.

Towards our staffs: through support, respect, and rewarding providing pleasant and flexible working environment.


  • PLAN


We are strongly supported by our principals being an important element of our business success, therefore, you can rely on us.

Quality of Service

Our actions are driven by our Code of Ethics and Business Conducts, where we continue to deliver the highest quality of service at competitive prices towards our clients in a constant evolving and demanding industry.

CEO Message

It was an idea triggered in oct. 2000, with a lot of passion to succeed and ceaseless efforts with persistence and great ambition. So you can imagine the targets desired!
I don’t claim we are perfect but I can assure you we are very good at what we do.. And are achieving high-ranking positions in this business therefore we intend to be one of the best in this field.
We work as a team and value our team members. We are very much supported by our reliable business partners therefore you can rely on us.
It is a privilege to do business with you and we look forward to a continued business relationship with our customers.

For Specialized Technical Equipment Sole Prorprietorship LLC.

Hasan Abdelsalam

Subsidiary Company

AGRO was established in July 2011, an Abu Dhabi – UAE based company, with main business core in the field of Building  Management Systems (BMS) also known as Building Automation System  (BAS), Smart Buildings, etc.. the center of the nerve system and brain of a building.