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Sensor systems

Robust. Intelligent. Tailor-made.

Our offer includes a broad selection of particularly long-lasting encoders suitable for installation in extremely rugged operating conditions. These are either available as standard products or as individually customized solutions. Moreover, many of them are certified for special applications.



Electronic. Mechanical. Functional.

We offer a broad assortment of high-quality accessories that harmonize perfectly with our sensor systems. They include FOC transmitters and FOC decoders, output multipliers and pulse converters as well as frequency voltage converters and encoder diagnostic units. Mechanical accessories include system solutions for safe hollow shaft and solid shaft mountings, safety couplings and intermediate flanges as well as adapter shafts and torque brackets.


Motors / Generators

Powerful. Efficient. Reliable.

To suit harsh operating conditions we offer different versions of powerful DC motors that can also be adapted to suit the respective connection and mounting conditions. Our efficient generators operate on the principle of permanent excitation. In addition to guaranteeing high energy availability they fulfil application requirements with regard to custom voltages, construction type and shaft ends.


Absolute encoders

  • Angular position and speed measurement
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Solid shaft, hollow shaft, combinations
  • Singleturn, multiturn, different interfaces